Mystical Dance is a combination of physical and mental practices that brings together various dance and energy studies from different cultures and teachings. It discloses our natural mystery within, uniting us with the Universe; a mode of self-expression and exploration. This is in a way a dance we dance starting from within and extending to the outer world.

No technical steps or moves are essentially taught in Mystical Dance. Setting yourself free and going with the flow of time and music, dancing with joy and love and thus healing yourself is the real essence of it. We awaken our love inside, discover the  sanctity of all living creatures, balance our feminine and masculine energies and get rid of our covers thanks to Mystical Dance. Thus we distance ourselves from the illusion of physical beauty and meet with our real essence with the conscienceness and awareness that make us move forward. We become aware of ourselves and our bodies, revealing our inner beauty and feminity.

Dance is the language of one's soul... Though it is appreciated more in the context of entertainment and cultural values in today's world, back in the old days, it used to be regarded as a mystical talent and a unique way that led to spiritual awareness. So, why don't you come and join me on this mystical journey both to have fun and discover our feminity as we dance! :)