Here below you may find some of the comments made by people that attended to Hande's workshops:

“For me, Mystical Dance is a door from my body to my soul. As I dance, as I melt into the dance, the light of my deep essence is reflected thru my body. As my body opens up, I open up to the Universe’s endless possibilities, too. I give acceptance to what is being at the moment and what there will be with my dance. I become the dance itself and can be in harmony with the Universe. Thank you.” Hanife

“Dear Hande, we watered my dried, cracked body together with you witin this loveful space. I could be in the moment and in the flow, I could be like water. Thank you, with love.” Didem

“Frankly, I came with curiosity. I came with the curiosity of what I would do with all the energies and sweet ladies I didn’t know. I felt very happy. I felt joyful. The mystical part of the dance for me was hidden in the music and people’s energies.As a result I feel more like I am leaving a therapy. I feel that I am happy as well. Thank you. With love. :)” Zeynep

"Mystical Dance helped me to made it possible for me to reveal what I already have. On my personal journey it showed me what I really wanted and what I really did not want. Perhaps the most important thing is that I did not have to be afraid of myself and others. Even though I haven’t been transparent yet, it showed me that this is possible, it showed me that the life and the world we live in is far more different and has far more essence. And as a result, it made me say to myself, "Please believe in yourself now!" S.Y.

"I was very nervous before coming here. My mind and my body were moving apart. However, as a result of the exercises, I took the first step in starting to solve the language of my body. I feel quite comfortable. Thanks for everything..." Özden

"The class was very nice. I am very happy. I love myself, I learned to love myself... Mystical Dance teaches one to love herself, it holds a mirror... The level of energy was very high, thank you very much." Ebru

Here below you may find some of the comments made by people that attended Monika Nataraj's Mystical Dance workshops who is the original developer of these exercises:

'Inspiring, full of high energy, I simply loved this experience!'

'These classes changed me completely indeed; I am now in more contact with my feminine side...'

'I especially loved the spiritual sides of this. I feel totally transformed...'

'The goddess is alive... Right here inside us...'

'This is the best thing I've done for myself after a long long time.'

'I used to be a model and to be honest, this is the first time in my life I really love my body.'

'I am simply speechless; cannot seem to find the right words to express how I feel about this workshop.'

'What a profound way for me to contact with my real self. I am so grateful for this gift.'