Mystical Dance is composed of unique and diverse journeys on which loads of surprises await. You will be able to enjoy various things here such as energy practices and dance for healing.  All these practices will eventually enable you to embrace your feminine potential and discover your beauty.

All through the classes, numerous workshops will be held including  simple exercises, warm-up sessions, improvised dancing and meditative practices. Some interesting exercises include: Rainbow Dance, 5 Senses Exercise, Dance to the Candle, Existence and Surrender Exercise, Dancing with Thai Fingers...

P.S. You need not have any previous dance experience for the workshops.

How you should prepare for the classes:

Please make sure you come with an open mind and heart. Dress yourself with comfortable clothes. You may wear a floating skirt and put on accessories such as a Shakira belt. You may actually wear whatever will inspire your feminine spirit. If you like, you can bring with you a pen and a notebook to take notes and a pair of socks to dance freely.